Business Events

Business solutions

We have the expertise, connections and time to ensure that your event is successful for you and surmounts your attendee's expectations.



Corporate events

Our team of talented event managers will provide coordination, execution, and management of all detail from start to finish.

Business conferences

Working together to customise the conference you are holding, Gaulu Group is able to easily setup your conference or business function.



Media and marketing

Marketing sets the foundation that underlies sales techniques, business communication, and business developments.


Business Event Services

  • • Analyse attendee originating destinations
  • • Set overall and line item budgets
  • • Determine your group's requirements
  • • Choose a destination / venue that best fits your event
  • • Physical site review for selection / recommendation
  • • Negotiate the best room rates and airfares
  • • Assist with travel arrangements
  • • Manage caterers and other vendors
  • • Create a custom website
  • • Design signage and printed materials
  • • Set up online registration service




Gaulu Group understands business and the importance of business events. Business solutions such as meetings or corporate events are vital for management and communication. We plan our events customised to our clients requirement. At Gaulu Group understanding our clients’ needs, helps increase motivation, productivity and problem solving. Business meetings create new ideas and initiatives, achieve buy-in and corporate mergers.

"Meetings are better than telephone conferences because only 38% of the meaning and feeling is carried in the way that things are said. The other 55% of the meaning and feeling is carried in facial expression and non-verbal signals. That's why meetings are so useful. "(Statistics from research by Dr Albert Mehrabian.)