Business Solutions

Business assistance

Assist SMME's to form synergies with governments, corporate and international business.



Business enhancements

Gaulu Group (Pty) Ltd enhance your level of self-awareness and help build your professional competencies.

Trade facilitation & negotiation

Gaulu offers business negotiation and facilitation of local and international trades.



Business relationships

We identify and understand your differences, shifting your position to compromise and negotiation. Building stronger relationships.

Business Solution Services

  • • Facilitating local and international trade
  • • Commodity sourcing
  • • Import and export trade
  • • SME, SMME business assistance
  • • Governmental negotiations
  • • International government liaison
  • • Business meeting setup and facilities
  • • International assistance with accommodation
  • • International assistance with transport and security
  • • Professional translation & interpreting services



Gaulu Group (Pty) Ltd facilitation and negotiation can be defined as the simplification and harmonisation of local and international trade procedures including import and export procedures. Procedures in this context largely refer to "the activities (practices and formalities) involved in collecting, presenting, communicating and processing the negotiation required for movement of goods amidst services in a trade".

As an intermediary, we are united in our methods of trading and can also help you as an individual or corporate to find a source of supply either directly or with the assistance of others within our group. We assist with the business formation, structures and systems for SMME Trade between countries. We can identify, develop and package opportunities that provide a professional service to all our clientele, to retain and expand trade, to assist in import and export activities and to link these opportunities to the development of the global community.

Our network is capable of not only servicing the international trade industry but we at Gaulu Group (Pty) Ltd are involved in all major sectors of business tourism, import and export, manufacturing and commodities sourcing.