Mission Statement

  • • Identify & package opportunities (SA & Global)

  • • Brand & market our clients objective

  • • Link opportunities to the development needs of   the global community

  • • Ensure ease of access to all opportunities

Our Vision

We are committed to ensuring that our solutions will reap exceptional results. We ensure that the process, planning and execution is implemented with ease and fluency for our clients.


To love all and serve all. Through community and social events. Bringing business together to form alliances beneficial to those around us.


Gaulu Green Initiative

Our efforts aim to conserve resources, protect air and water quality, habitat and human health, and showcase sustainability practices and concerns.


Gaulu Group promotes green meetings, conferences, and convention planning as demand for sustainability measures increases.


We adhere to industry standards and guides for green meetings. Working in conjunction with Government agencies and non-profit organisations also promote these practices.

About Gaulu Group (Pty) Ltd

As extensive as our service offerings, we also offer event consultation services which is ideal for companies and individuals who are eager to supplement in-house resources with industry expertise. Whatever level of support you need, Gaulu Group's experience will ensure it’s a success!

Gaulu Group (Pty) Ltd is a full-service business and event coordination company based in South Africa. We work with SMME, SME, corporate, local and international business clients who require professional insight and service, by assisting in trade facilitating and negotiation, special event production for conferences, corporate meetings, product launches, awards ceremonies, business galas, facilitate grand openings, concert production, theatre production and fund-raisers. In addition to this, we provide event production services to private clients seeking customised and professional events planning.

Our vast experience in the industry signifies that we have the knowledge and resources, and use only the best suppliers. You can trust us to handle all your event requirements including venue booking, theme and décor, catering, entertainment, audio / visual and lighting, and staffing. We have access to many venues available in South Africa: From playhouses, conference rooms, stadiums, and open parks, for large events both indoors and outside, to exclusive spaces such as vip clubs and small venues perfect for more personal business gathering.

The Gaulu Group's staff qualifications and expertise far surpass the expectation of our clients. Thus, ensuring that we meet your requirements to exact specification. Our expertise range in:

• Hotel and Catering

Food and Beverage

Business Management


Sales & Admin

HR Resource Management

Social Media Development

  • We Strive to achieve, through knowledge.

Our Values



We strive for commitment in all that we do.


  • Integrity

    Our integrity lays with all our interactions and partnerships with others, whether employees, clients, prospective clients or suppliers.

  • .

  • Unity

    We believe in unity, unifying businesses and people.

Mission & Goals

To bring people and communities together through business and by creating experiences that connect and inspire people.